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Bottle gourd / Lauki Long | Vegetable seeds |

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Bottle Gourd Seeds (Lagenaria siceraria) 🍶

Bottle gourd, scientifically known as Lagenaria siceraria, is a versatile and fast-growing vegetable with a unique bottle-shaped fruit. Its seeds, large and flat, are the starting point for cultivating this popular gourd, known for its culinary and medicinal uses.

Germination and Growing Guide:

  • Soil Preparation: Prepare well-draining, fertile soil with plenty of organic matter to support vigorous growth. 🌱
  • Sowing Seeds: Plant the seeds directly into the soil, sowing them about 1 inch deep and spacing them adequately apart. 🌱
  • Watering: Keep the soil consistently moist, especially during germination and fruit development stages, to ensure healthy growth. 🚿
  • Sunlight: Place the seedlings or planted seeds in a sunny location with at least 6-8 hours of sunlight daily for optimal photosynthesis. ☀️
  • Support: Provide sturdy trellises or supports for the vines to climb and spread, especially as the fruits develop to prevent them from rotting on the ground. 🌿
  • Fertilization: Apply a balanced fertilizer or compost periodically to replenish nutrients and promote vigorous growth. 💧
  • Pollination: Assist in pollination by hand if necessary, especially in areas with limited pollinator activity, to ensure fruit set. 🐝
  • Pest Control: Monitor for pests and diseases regularly, employing organic control methods such as neem oil or companion planting to mitigate issues. 🐛
  • Harvesting: Harvest the bottle gourds when they reach maturity, typically around 60-90 days after sowing, by cutting them from the vine with a sharp knife. 🍶


With proper care and attention to the growing conditions, Bottle gourd plants can thrive in your garden, providing a bountiful harvest of nutritious fruits for culinary delights and diverse applications. Happy gardening! 🌱🍶




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